Manikin Mike ("Mary") 3DHT

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Manikin Mike 3D human target for realistic live fire training.

Manikin Mike was developed for use in MOUT training facilities and shoot houses where three (3) dimensional target human figures would add realism to street combat (urban warfare) training scenarios. With articulated joints, 360 swivel head, adjustable arms and legs, along with hands, with fingers that actually "curl" and hold objects, Manikin Mike creates a whole new level of training realism. Made of high density plastic, Manikin Mike can sustain thousands of high velocity rounds, is temperature insensitive, water repellent, UV resistant, and an environmentally friendly, recyclable product.

The Manikin Mike ("Mary")target system features:

  • Quick set up; assembles in minutes; NO tools required.
  • NO moving parts; NO maintenance required.
  • Easily accessible hollow head and torso cavities and "pass through" arteries for fibre optics, acoustical or hardwired electronic hit sensing systems.

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