M-145 "RENEGADE" 4WD 360°

Moving Targets

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M-145 Moving Target System is ideal for live firearms training.

The M-145 target system features:

  • Rugged, robust all wheel drive target platform.
  • Includes Manikin Mike™ (non-reactive) 3DHT Target.
  • 24 Volt battery charging system.
  • Lightweight (45 lbs.); Low profile (7" platform deck).
  • Portable. Fits in a car trunk.
  • Quick, highly maneuverable, with speeds to 10 feet per second.
  • Turns 360° on its own radius.
  • Emulates any running pattern (e.g. "dog legs", circles, eights, "S" curves, straightaways, etc.).
  • Runs great on concrete, asphalt, gravel, grass, light terrain, etc.
  • Handheld 2.4 GHz "pistol grip" WIRELESS transmitter (range to 1000 meters).
  • Multi-Target Moving Platform: Replace the Manikin Mike™
  • 3D target (which comes standard with the mover) with
  • 3D animal targets (e.g. running boar, bear, deer, coyote, etc.).
  • Multi-mission moving platform: Use for such diverse tasks as cargo carrying, remote surveillance, bomb disposal, remote pyro pad, hostage negotiations, unlimited uses.

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