Moving Targets

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T21B Runningman Target System

The T21B track mounted moving target system is primarily for permanent or semi-permanent installation on a concrete pad. Ideal for moving targets mixed in with static or stationary turning targets, or a moving target system between building facades (e.g., in a Hogan's Alley), the T21B is designed to operate one (1) or two (2) moving targets INDEPENDENTLY in different directions, at different speeds, at the same time on an "I" beam track.

The T21B target system features:

  • Targets operate independently - forward or reverse at variable speeds or attack-retreat modes via remote control.
  • Operates on 12 volt, low voltage DC electrical current for personnel safety.
  • Rugged, all weather construction; ideal for unimproved outdoor range sites.
  • Low cost; simple to assemble; easy to operate and maintain.
  • Portable or permanent installation.

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