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Flexi90B Turning Targets | Shooting Range Equipment

The FLEXI 90B pneumatic target system allows INDIVIDUAL control of each target position. Each target has its own pneumatic cylinder which operates INDEPENDENTLY of the other targets. This means the Rangemaster can program EACH TARGET to turn independently at different face times and different delay times, providing precision target control either by using independent manual switching devices, solid state timing or computer control. Targets may be sequenced individually, in series, or simultaneously at the touch of a single button.

The FLEXI 90B target system features:

  • The FLEXI 90B bi-directional pneumatic target can face either 90 or 180 left or right of center.
  • Each target turns independently.
  • Quickly convert targets from pivot ("edge-face") to pop-up or swing target configurations for tactical training.
  • Target controls allow single control of each individual target position, control of all target positions simultaneously.
  • Manual switching, variable solid-state timing, laptop computer, or handheld wireless target control options available.
  • All steel pedestal stands with built-in bullet protection and secondary splatter control systems.
  • Rugged, industrial grade pneumatic components with dual air flow speed controls and push-to-connect air fittings for trouble free operation & low maintenance.
  • Designed for operation in high humidity, dry desert heat and a variety of adverse climatic conditions.
  • Environmentally friendly.

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