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Modular Ballistic Shoot House

ATS' live fire modular shoot houses feature designs which allow for future expansion and rapid building reconfigurations from single modules to multiple modules to create live fire Hogan's Alleys, urban street scapes, villages, even entire city blocks. View Demonstration

Live Fire Modular (Mobile) Shoot Houses feature:

  • SAFETY FIRST! 360° live fire environments created with VULCAN® ballistic rubber walls, flooring, ceilings, curtains and CornerGards™.
  • SAFETY SEAMS™ The proprietary Safety Seam™ design for wall panels and CornerGards™ eliminates any common seams through which bullets might pass.
  • RECONFIGURABLE WALLS. Change interior and exterior wall layouts to meet new live fire scenario training requirements.
  • DEPLOYABLE. With our proprietary "floating foundation" design, an ATS modular shoothouse can be setup anywhere in the world on a level piece of ground. No concrete pad is required.
  • QUICK ERECTION. Streamlined field erection procedures and proprietary hardware make it possible to assemble a 4 room shoothouse with a central hallway in a SINGLE DAY!
  • NO SHRAPNEL BUILDUP. Our proprietary Projectile Absorption Space System (PASS)™ ensures no buildup of shrapnel and projectiles between the VULCAN® ballistic rubber panels and steel walls. (see demonstration)
  • SUPERIOR BULLET ENCAPSULATION. VULCAN® ballistic rubber panels and blocks sustain thousands of 5.56 & 7.62 high velocity live fire rounds.
  • NO MAINTENANCE. VULCAN® ballistic rubber panels require ZERO MAINTENANCE; 100% waterproof, temperature insensitive, UV resistant.
  • NO AUXILIARY TRAPS. Every VULCAN® ballistic rubber wall is a bullet trap!
  • STAIR CLEARING. Modular, indoor and outdoor, stair clearing towers are available.
  • MULTI-MISSION PRODUCT. Ideal for building clearing, convoy protection exercises, anti-sniper, combined arms exercises and MOUT training.

Summing up: All these features translate into VULCAN® live fire ballistic rubber protection systems being higher quality products with superior ballistic encapsulation properties, superior product longevity, less maintenance, superior product field performance and less environmental impact.

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