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ATS Vulcan Ballistic Rubber Panels

The VULCAN™ anti-ricochet ballistic rubber panel measures 24"x24"x2" and weighs 48 lbs. for easy handling. With a textured surface (diamond pattern) on the "facing side" and a flat surface on the "back side", the VULCAN™ rubber panel is easily mounted to existing walls constructed of steel, wood, and concrete. The panel is not designed to stop or encapsulate bullets, but rather to STOP the ricochet and backsplatter from misdirected rounds or shrapnel from rounds fired at close range.

All VULCAN™ ballistic panels incorporate our proprietary "Safety Seam" feature (patent pending) which sharply reduces the possibility of an errant round passing through the "common seam" between panels. All VULCAN™ ballistic panels are manufactured from the same HIGH DENSITY, VULCANIZED RECYCLED rubber compounds as found in the BulletStop ballistic encapsulation blocks.

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